Tuesday, May 29, 2007

new sweater

I'm now making the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke from Interweave knits, summer 2007. (It's the cover.) My friend Li-Mei and I are both making it at the same time, like a mini knit-along. She's got a head start on me, I just started it last night (Sunday night.) It's fun, even though I can hardly stand the stockinette after the Sunrise Circle Jacket. It knits up fast. I'm doing the front and back at the same time. I'll probably get to the cables tomorrow!

Also still working on Convertible from Knitty, although not today.

There's going to be a whole lot of knitting this summer.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

now if only it weren't 95 degrees outside

I finished the circle jacket!

Sunrise Circle Jacket, Interweave Knits, Spring 2006 (free pattern online.)

Made out of Knit Picks ShineWorsted (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal, machine washable,) Terra Cotta.

And with buttons I bought this afternoon from Northampton Wools.

Thanks to Meghan for taking the pictures. Yes, I am wearing my pajamas in these photos.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

half a sweater!

I finished knitting the sweater! I sewed up all the hems and I've done one raglan seam, one sleeve seam, and one side seam. And I've woven in lots of the ends. Half a sweater!

I just have to sew the left side on, then buy and sew on the buttons. Er, toggles. And the toggle loops.

Half a sweater!

orange and more orange

I'm so close to finishing the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Death by stockinette.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

condom cozy is done!

I have completed a project! I began this condom cozy a long time ago, but I was super lazy about sewing on the snap. I sewed the snap on today!

This one is with the condoms removed.

It's out of Lion Cotton. I think the color is called Orangeade. If I remember correctly, I made a 7in x 3in k2p2 ribbed rectangle on size 7 needles. Then I sewed it up, leaving 1.5in for the flap. Then I sewed on the snap. Yay!

I am trying to think of a reason someone might want a condom cozy. I am thinking that maybe it's simply a pouch for carrying around condoms so they're not just loose in your bag or whatever. Or maybe it can prevent a condom ring in your back pocket! Anyway, I just need to send it off to the intended owner (my friend Ryan) and I'm done!

Friday, May 18, 2007

going broke

I am a bad person. Bad things I have done in the recent past:
- Bought all that yarn for the circle jacket. Although, as it turns out, it is just enough and I'm actually using it.
- Bought four different circular needles from Woolcott. I think that was last week.
- Bought $30 worth of yarn for a new project, which I fully plan to do. My friend and I are knitting it together, in different colors. It is the cover of the current issue of Interweave Knits. Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke, it's called.
- Gone to Woolcott again, even though I didn't need anything, and bought another circular needle and two (2) balls of Cherry Tree Hill.
- Convinced my friend that she should buy the entire set of KnitPicks Options. She's the same one who is making the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke with me.
- In addition, I have set aside the Trellis Scarf (Interweave Knits, Spring 2006) for the Sunrise Circle Jacket (Interweave Knits, Spring 2006, also one of their free online patterns), and then set that aside for Convertible from Knitty, which I am making out of the Cherry Tree Hill. And I'm already thinking about the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke, obviously.
- Not written my last two papers for college.

Marginally ok things I have done:
- Worked on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. The back and the left side are done and I have made a good start on the right side. After that is hemming and hawing (seaming), then something about toggle buttons, weaving in ends, and then we're done.
- Relaxed (I do have mono after all.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

addi natura

My new love: addi NATURA needles. Mmm bamboo circular goodness. Also they're really pointy, yay!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sunrise Circle Jacket


Alright, so on Monday I started the Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave Knits, Spring 2006. It's a really intimidating pattern actually: it's nine pages long (with pictures). However, I'm pretty good at following directions, so we will see.

I am using KnitPicks Shine Worsted, in the Terra Cotta color. Right now I'm just working on the back of the sweater, so nothing too intense so far.