Sunday, May 20, 2007

condom cozy is done!

I have completed a project! I began this condom cozy a long time ago, but I was super lazy about sewing on the snap. I sewed the snap on today!

This one is with the condoms removed.

It's out of Lion Cotton. I think the color is called Orangeade. If I remember correctly, I made a 7in x 3in k2p2 ribbed rectangle on size 7 needles. Then I sewed it up, leaving 1.5in for the flap. Then I sewed on the snap. Yay!

I am trying to think of a reason someone might want a condom cozy. I am thinking that maybe it's simply a pouch for carrying around condoms so they're not just loose in your bag or whatever. Or maybe it can prevent a condom ring in your back pocket! Anyway, I just need to send it off to the intended owner (my friend Ryan) and I'm done!


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