Tuesday, August 28, 2007

driving over knitting

I have spent that last two days driving myself and my car full of stuff from Kentucky to Massachusetts. As I had no other drivers in the car, there was no knitting done in these two days. However, I feel very accomplished as I have made it despite the fact that I was driving alone and the fact that I have only been able to drive a manual for about a week. Huzzah!

Anyway it was all for a good cause because I am near to Mecca, also known as WEBS. I also hope that on Wednesday I can meet the Noho knitting group, although it seems to be up in the air whether I can actually move into my apartment today. Eek!

Other than learning to drive, I have spent the last week casting on a ton of stuff, including:
Snowflake's blanket - third attempt, this one is with the Blue Fern Lap Robe pattern and I am optimistic although I don't like working with this yarn.
some gloves for Ben - out of this lovely Louet Gems superwash merino. My first attempt at round things on two circulars: I have found it sort of confusing, but it has been getting easier and the addi turbos and this yarn LOVE each other. I am using the pattern for Cigar from knitty, but I plan to put on all the fingers.
the Penobscot Silk Scarf - except I'm not making it out of silk. This is a simple little scarf from Interweave Knits about a year ago, the free patterns. I'm using up the Malabrigo laceweight from Wisp.
Lake Park hat - this is to go with the Lake Park gloves I made, and use up that ball of TOFUtsies. Unfortunately, I think it's coming out too small. I plan to frog it and either redo it with more stitches around or go a size up on needles.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mystery Stole!!

My Mystery Stole 3 is done but for blocking! Here are some pictures.

The whole thing!

The wing.

The "cat's paws" part.

The fancy diamondy part.

Of course, it all looks crappy not blocked. But it will look good soon!

mystery stole draws to a close

I thought that when the last clue of the Mystery Stole came out, I would just race to the end and then throw the stole in the air and do dance. But somehow I'm lingering. I do a couple rows, I set it aside, eat a snack, play on the internet, pick it back up. I'm 5 rows away and I'm thinking of turning in for the night. Can it be? Maybe it's because the rows are pretty long.

In other news, I stated the Penobscot Silk Scarf to use up the leftover yarn from Wisp. it's not silk. It's fun though.

I'm pretty sleepy so I think I'll turn in.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

how many socks in one ball of TOFUtsies?

I'm going for another 4-sock ball of TOFUtsies. So... socks for Rachel!

2 seduction socks + 1 Rachel sock + 1 toe. And counting!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Again, I've been knitting and watching tv all day. Ah, the summer. Today is different in that I'm also obsessing over Ravelry.

I was unhappy with the I Do that I was making out of Malabrigo Lace. Also, I am far away from both my stash and yarn stores and I am very short on yarn. So I ripped it back and cast on Wisp. It's super pretty!

It's pretty cool. It's a really easy lace pattern but it looks really nice and it's reversible!

Monday, August 13, 2007


I'm in Ravelry! Yay! My name is anisa. Look me up!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Seduction socks

Seduction socks, by Ann Budd. Tofutsies again. I love them.

4-day project. I am doing nothing but knitting and watching tv. And I played some Wii Sports today.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


At long last, I have gloves!

Lake Park Gloves, by Marnie MacLean, from here.

Made with Tofutsies. Fun!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

using up some yarn

So I made a hat for my friend Ted, the last in the waiting list of people I promised hats to. I ended up with a whole extra ball of MC, so I decided to make some matching fingerless gloves.

Good times.

It's kind of interesting knitting right now because I'm separated from my stash and so I feel like I don't have a lot of options for new projects. Which is why I'm finishing projects I meant to do months ago and using up the leftover yarn from them. I might go to the yarn store tomorrow and buy a ball of Tofutsies for the new sock club socks.

I have a little bit of leftover yarn still from the hat and gloves. Maybe I could make a washcloth. Although, who wants a washcloth in 100% alpaca that will shed on everything and has to be hand-washed? I think not.

By the way, stuff I've made since the convertible:
Snowflake's hat, designed to match...
Snowflake's scarf, knitted to replace a similar scarf that accidentally went into the washing machine
June/July sock club (spiral) socks
short-cuff socks for my mom out of leftover yarn from sock club socks (that's 4 socks from one ball!!)
Ted's hat
Ted's knucks (above)
Mystery Stole 3, clues 1-4

Clue 5 comes out tomorrow!