Tuesday, August 28, 2007

driving over knitting

I have spent that last two days driving myself and my car full of stuff from Kentucky to Massachusetts. As I had no other drivers in the car, there was no knitting done in these two days. However, I feel very accomplished as I have made it despite the fact that I was driving alone and the fact that I have only been able to drive a manual for about a week. Huzzah!

Anyway it was all for a good cause because I am near to Mecca, also known as WEBS. I also hope that on Wednesday I can meet the Noho knitting group, although it seems to be up in the air whether I can actually move into my apartment today. Eek!

Other than learning to drive, I have spent the last week casting on a ton of stuff, including:
Snowflake's blanket - third attempt, this one is with the Blue Fern Lap Robe pattern and I am optimistic although I don't like working with this yarn.
some gloves for Ben - out of this lovely Louet Gems superwash merino. My first attempt at round things on two circulars: I have found it sort of confusing, but it has been getting easier and the addi turbos and this yarn LOVE each other. I am using the pattern for Cigar from knitty, but I plan to put on all the fingers.
the Penobscot Silk Scarf - except I'm not making it out of silk. This is a simple little scarf from Interweave Knits about a year ago, the free patterns. I'm using up the Malabrigo laceweight from Wisp.
Lake Park hat - this is to go with the Lake Park gloves I made, and use up that ball of TOFUtsies. Unfortunately, I think it's coming out too small. I plan to frog it and either redo it with more stitches around or go a size up on needles.


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