Thursday, August 02, 2007

using up some yarn

So I made a hat for my friend Ted, the last in the waiting list of people I promised hats to. I ended up with a whole extra ball of MC, so I decided to make some matching fingerless gloves.

Good times.

It's kind of interesting knitting right now because I'm separated from my stash and so I feel like I don't have a lot of options for new projects. Which is why I'm finishing projects I meant to do months ago and using up the leftover yarn from them. I might go to the yarn store tomorrow and buy a ball of Tofutsies for the new sock club socks.

I have a little bit of leftover yarn still from the hat and gloves. Maybe I could make a washcloth. Although, who wants a washcloth in 100% alpaca that will shed on everything and has to be hand-washed? I think not.

By the way, stuff I've made since the convertible:
Snowflake's hat, designed to match...
Snowflake's scarf, knitted to replace a similar scarf that accidentally went into the washing machine
June/July sock club (spiral) socks
short-cuff socks for my mom out of leftover yarn from sock club socks (that's 4 socks from one ball!!)
Ted's hat
Ted's knucks (above)
Mystery Stole 3, clues 1-4

Clue 5 comes out tomorrow!


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