Sunday, October 28, 2007

issues include:

1. I have agreed to test knit a shawl and it's big and very repetitive and the person wants it in three weeks. Sigh. It'll be pretty though.
2. What I really want to knit is Snowflake's sweater. I have the body done up to the arm holes and 1.5 sleeves done. So close! But I have to knit this shawl instead. Which isn't really fair to Snowflake, but what's he going to do with a wool sweater in southern Georgia anyway?
3. OMG WORK. I am applying for an NSF fellowship, which means I've been spending all my time writing essays for that. Unfortunately, this precludes me writing essays for semantics, which are due tomorrow. Crappity crap. I also have two problem sets due on Tuesday. Double crap.

In other news, I ordered some blocking wires. I hope they come in soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a list of things to come

Knitting Liberally - a knitting circle I joined up with last week
Sock Wars II - my continued struggle and eventual fuzzy death
Dayflower Daydream shawl
Snowflake's Saranac continued
knitting podcasts continued
knitting as stess relief
perhaps some pictures!

Monday, October 15, 2007


So this weekend, I was engaged in a war. A sock war. Sock Wars II, to be exact. The way it works is everyone gets a victim. We all knit the same pair of socks. When you finish a pair of socks, you mail it to your victim, and when she gets it, she's dead and mails her unfinished pair of socks to you. Then you finish those socks and mail them to her victim. And so it goes until only one person is left standing.

I was behind. They told us what yarn and stuff to buy like two weeks in advance, yet when my TOP SECRET DOSSIER came on Friday evening, I had nothing on me. I was also picking up Snowflake from the Boston airport and all sorts of stuff, so I couldn't do a thing. On Saturday morning, Snowflake and I went to WEBS and I got the stuff for the Sock Wars sock, as well as some Trekking XXL that I plan to make into a helmet liner for my new friend Emerson. I spent the weekend working on those socks and finished them last night. I mailed them off first thing in the morning today. They are supposed to reach my victim by 3pm tomorrow. (Note: this is not quite as impressive as I make it sound, because the socks are knit in sport weight on size 3 needles. I'm not actually the fastest knitter there ever was.)

When we mail off the socks, we have the option of changing our victim's status from "Alive" to "Dying". Right now, my status is "Dying", but I haven't seen any socks yet and my assassin might just be trying to psych me out. At any rate, I think that my personal goal was to get my first pair of socks done before being killed. So, mission accomplished! I don't really need to spend the next few weeks frantically knitting other people's socks.

I suppose I will post pictures after my first victim is good and dead.

I'm knitting other stuff too. I finished the cabled green thing.

I also knit a rendition of this cap that costs a ton of money if you buy it off this store. Some people on Ravelry saw it and loved it, and I caught the fever, and I basically used Melody Parker Narvaez's sketched-out instructions for the thing. I like the result, although I may look a bit like a lobotomy patient in it.

Then I started on Saranac for Snowflake. He picked out the pattern from a few choices and picked out the yarn as well. It's Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Deep Ocean and I'm loving it. The color is a lot brighter than it looks on my computer screen, and I'm enjoying the experience of blue and more blue. Snowflake likes it too, and we think it will fit him. This is it so far.

Now what, you might ask, is missing from my life? Well, I've felt a little bit antsy not having any serious lace on my needles. I really need to grab a thousand or so yards of laceweight and just launch into a new shawl or something. That would be awesome.

In other news, I've been venturing into the world of knitting podcasts (and the world of podcasts in general.) First I downloaded an episode of Lime & Violet, which I enjoyed. Then I downloaded another episode, and also an episode of Stash & Burn and an episode of Cast On. I think so far I like Stash & Burn the best, probably because it is short enough to suit my attention span. The others are good too, though. I think the talking from Lime & Violet is more entertaining, but Cast On has really good music. But I will explore many more before I make any rash decisions about which podcasts I like and which podcasts I don't like.

Yes, so my knitting life is going quite well. Let's see how school goes this week...