Sunday, October 28, 2007

issues include:

1. I have agreed to test knit a shawl and it's big and very repetitive and the person wants it in three weeks. Sigh. It'll be pretty though.
2. What I really want to knit is Snowflake's sweater. I have the body done up to the arm holes and 1.5 sleeves done. So close! But I have to knit this shawl instead. Which isn't really fair to Snowflake, but what's he going to do with a wool sweater in southern Georgia anyway?
3. OMG WORK. I am applying for an NSF fellowship, which means I've been spending all my time writing essays for that. Unfortunately, this precludes me writing essays for semantics, which are due tomorrow. Crappity crap. I also have two problem sets due on Tuesday. Double crap.

In other news, I ordered some blocking wires. I hope they come in soon!


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