Sunday, January 03, 2010

knitting in 2009

Happy 2010, everybody!

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but it's time for my annual review of the knitting year.

started and finished in 2009
Snowflake's turtle buddy and Tom's Sheldon
Aynat's Balsam
Fabulous hat
Riding to Avalon for me
purple Maelstrom socks
Mosey legwarmers for me
Snowflake's gray socks
a square for GL's baby blanket
Gytha for me
Aeolian shawl in smoky plum
Heartland shawl for our retired department head
Wagtail yarns test knit shawl
Nat and Dori's wedding blanket
Rose's wristwarmers for Kyra's sister Suzy
my wedding stockings
tiny wedding socks to stave off cold feet
Bauhaus, which was meant for Snowflake but ended up fitting me :(
an argyle vest, my intro to intarsia
Olive Branch Hoodie out of blanket leftovers
Enid for myself out of lovely buttery Fresco
two Knit for the Cure hats
two squares for an Olympics peace project
Rockaway sweater for Brian (first completed project on ravelry for this pattern!)
Greenjeans for Li-Mei
Knucks for Snowflake out of Green Mountain Green
head-to-toe frog suit for Alazne
Give a Hoot mittens for Molly -- my first project with Madelinetosh
Blackberry mitts for Dad -- he loves these
Pretty Thing for Nai Nai
Toasty Topper for Deuce
Vivian for GL
hooded scarf (Pfeiffer Falls) for Mom
Nob Hill sweater for me
two pairs of Cruiser mittens for Freddie and Kendrick out of Berroco Vintage

started in 2009, not yet finished
Malabrigo Houdini socks for me
Snowflake's Gentleman socks
Ben's Urban Aran (just needs a zipper)
Koigu Multnomah scarf (just needs blocking)
Yogini Bolero out of Bambool
a number of things that got rethunk and frogged, or are waiting to be frogged
Snowflake's Feldspar sweater (current project)

finished in 2009, started earlier
Jabberwocky socks
Snowflake's Earl Black socks
Anemoi mittens commissioned by Misato
Yellow Harvest mittens out of Mirasol Qina

SO of the things I finished in 2009, there were a total of:
10 adult sweaters (counting Ben's Urban Aran)
1 vest
1 baby sweater (actually it had pants and stuff)
1 blanket
5 hats, including the hooded scarf
2 toys
6 pairs of socks
8 pairs of mittens
4 shawls, including the Koigu scarf
3 square type things
2 cowls
1 pair of legwarmers

15 things for me
24 things for friends and family
4 things for charity
1 test knit

Also: I have knit more yards than last year. At some point, I did a count and determined that I had knit about 18.5K yards last year. This year, we passed that point in October or so. The final count is at a little over 26K yards this year. Whew! That's a lot of knitting.

KAL-type things that happened:
I signed up for the finish or frog it KAL, and I did in fact finish some things on Fridays. Didn't actually make much progress on the WIPs though.
I signed up for the sock stashdown for half the year. My goal was not to gain sock yarn. Miserable failure.
I signed up for the Ram's Club 3 sock club. I haven't knit any of the socks yet (we've had two shipments so far), but I'm excited about them.
I also signed up for the Enchanted Wood mystery shawl KAL. It hasn't started, but I'm super excited about it, and the yarn is gorgeous.

At the end of the summer, I made a resolution to stop knitting sweaters for myself for awhile. Since then, I made Brian's Rockaway sweater, Li-Mei's Mr. Greenjeans, GL's Vivian, Ben's Urban Aran cardigan, and Alazne's frog suit. I think sort of broke the resolution by making Nob Hill for myself (it's sort of a weird shape, I'm not sure it's a sweater) and I've decided to end the resolution for sure with the new year. I just bought yarn to make Lily from the first Twist Collective, and I'm super excited. However, I think I learned a lot from not knitting sweaters for myself. Mainly, I learned that I can manipulate people into buying yarn for me to knit with if they get a sweater out of it later. Yesss.

Finally, I signed up for the IntKniSweMoDo2010: in which I attempt to knit 12 sweaters in 12 months. I think I've decided that Snowflake's current sweater, which will be knit mostly in 2010, and Snowflake's Woodside sweater, which will hopefully be knit about half in 2010, should maybe count as one sweater together for the purposes of this KAL. If I finish the Yogini Bolero, it won't count, since it's almost done. Wish me luck!