Wednesday, February 10, 2010

things without polar bears

So... I have been doing some knitting this year that has not involved polar bears. (Goodness knows why, I am thinking of never knitting anything without polar bears ever again.)

I made an Urban Aran cardigan for my brother. It was intended to be done for Christmas and/or his birthday, but I ended up miscalculating how long it would take the zipper to ship, and it was not done until mid-January. Regardless, here it is!

And yes, he is totally the sort of guy who would love to be covered in that much orange.

Shortly after, I made Feldspar for Snowflake out of Norah Gaughan men. It was fantastic!

I have to admit, Chloe helped me pick the colors here. I think that they worked out really well. Sort of a fall colors thing going on. I like it a lot.

With the Feldspar, I started the practice of measuring things hanging, not laid out on the ground. It makes sense: when he's wearing it, it will be hanging! As you can see, the fit is darn near perfect.

I've been participating in the Enchanted Wood shawl KAL from The Unique Sheep. It's been really fun! I want to post pictures, but there is a spoiler problem, so I'll just link you to my project on ravelry.

I also made Lily from the first Twist Collective. A great, fast knit. I love how the shaping is done.

Apologies for the bad picture. As you can see, I did not take it (although I take many bad pictures.)

My friend Misato wanted a hat with a flower.

And I guess that's pretty much it!

I also finished up the knitting on my old Mystery Stole 4, which is now waiting for blocking. And I'm working on an Apres Surf hoodie for my friend Ting Ting, which I have modified for working in the round. And I'm working on a very silly felted bag project. I will show you when next there are pictures!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on Gizmo:

This little guy's hair is in everything I knit now.


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