Friday, May 08, 2009

photo dump

Well. Apparently I haven't posted photos in a long time. Fortunately, I haven't been knitting that much in that time. So here we go...

As you know, I finished my Riding to Avalon hoodie. Then, my roommate Emerson helped me take some pictures of it.

I also knit a gorgeous pair of Maelstrom socks from the first Twist Collective. It was my first Twist pattern to actually make (rather than just drool over) and I could not be more pleased. This is a truly gorgeous Cookie A. pattern. These are out of Dream in Color Smooshy in Visual Purple. It was my first experience with Smooshy, and I just loved them. Also, the color is way more gorgeous in person than it is on the Dream in Color website, which is really a good thing to know. Also, I would like to rejoice that WEBS now carries Dream in Color! Yay!

I also made a pair of socks for Snowflake. These are out of Knit Picks Essential in gray, and they are the Father and Son Socks pattern from some past IK. They were simple but not too simple and fun to knit, and I am very glad I did them. I think they look great on him. And I loved the yarn. I'm considering having it be my go-to yarn for solid sock yarn.

I also made a pair of legwarmers for me. This is the Mosey pattern from Knitty. They're out of Cascade Eco Wool, most of the leftovers from my dad's Christmas sweater. I love them, but I don't really know how to wear them. The pom-poms are probably my favorite part.

After that, I made Gytha, my second Twist pattern. Again, I just loved this. Possibly the most exciting part of this was the border: you have to pick up a bunch of stitches, and then just bind them off in the round. Not only does it do a LOT to make the (essentially) stockinette not curl (after blocking), it also looks really great! I was worried about the gap that occurs at the beginning of the round, but TechKnitter's awesome instructions told me how to make that gap totally seamless. It looks great! I just love this sweater.

I also FINALLY got Emerson to pose for some decent gansey pictures. I think the pictures are pretty decent indeed.

Since then, most of my time was taken up with knitting an Aeolian shawl from the current Knitty. This thing took forever. First of all, it has a ton of beads, which really slow things down. The beads also cut down on knitting time because they made the project non-portable. Also, the rows get longer and longer, which is a difficult thing and I had almost 1000 stitches near the end. Also, I ran out of beads and had to go get more. Finally, I ran out of yarn. I made this out of Silver Moon Farm fingering that I got at Rhinebeck in colorway Smoky Plum. This yarn was so great, and even better, I was counting it as sock yarn. It was about 1100 yards, and I juuust ran out. I had about 20 stitches left to bind off. Fortunately, my knitting buddy Eleanor had bought the exact same yarn and was happy to let me use a tiny bit of it to finish my bind off! Yaaaaaay!!!! I used 9-stitch nupps and my only mod was that I just did the bind off normally, not holding two strands. If you were to do exactly the same as me, using 7-stitch nupps and the alternative border, I'm pretty sure this could be enough yarn. Some pictures follow.

Soooo... now I'm working on a couple things, mostly surprises that I can't talk about. I'm also doing a mohair shawl test knit for Kristin again, so that's working.

Oh yeah, I should mention that I just realized that I can write comments on my own blog entries replying to other comments, and those comment people might be able to hear me. Yay! This means I will start answering those questions I get in comments.

And phew! I'm sleepy. Good night!


OpenID miraknits said...

They all look great! As soon as I'm done with my current project, I'm going to make myself an Aeolian shawl (in the smaller size).

9:17 AM  
Blogger cme said...

Good to see what you consider to be "not much knitting". :P

11:25 PM  

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