Monday, February 16, 2009

this hat is fabulous

Well, some things have happened.

For one, the Turn a Square hat that I'd been wearing all winter? Lost it. :( I think I left it on the bus.

We are now more than two weeks into February, which is the first month of this 6-month sock yarn destashing marathon. I haven't been doing so well. I've bought 3 pairs of socks worth of yarn, and I've knit... nothing. Yeah, not so good.

However, I did finish the Jabberwocky socks back in January! Yay! They're the ever-popular Leyburn socks pattern in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight in the absolutely gorgeous Jabberwocky colorway. They're much darker in real life, I had a terrible time trying to capture the colors with my camera.

Also, I knit a lovely cowl for my friend Aynat. The pattern is called Balsam, and it's a lovely simple spiral lace. She wanted to be able to pull it up over her nose, so I substituted 2x2 ribbing for the garter stitch edges. The yarn is Berroco Palace, which is just a dream to work with. 50/50 wool and silk, worsted, squishy, gorgeous. I loved this quick little knit.

I may have made a trip to the yarn store on Valentine's day. My friend Wendell needed moral support, I swear! I ended up walking out of there with some off-white Trekking Pro Natura, hopefully for my hypothetical wedding stockings.

I also made off with a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in Visual Purple to be friends with my In Vino Veritas that was already in my stash.

I also grabbed Knitter's Workshop by EZ (can't believe I didn't own any of her books before this!) and some reeeally pretty buttons that are intended for my Riding to Avalon. Oh yeah, my Riding to Avalon is almost done. I'm about halfway through the hood right now.

And finally, I picked up one skein of Malabrigo Worsted in what is possibly the most gorgeous colorway ever: Oro y Vino.

Yes, that was only half the skein. That's because I made the other half into a hat yesterday.

So fabulous!! I love this yarn and this hat. There are lots of pictures, but since I took them all myself, some of them are more successful than others.

But I think they all capture the colorway beautifully.

Oh yeah, and I finally got some pictures of Tom's Sheldon. Here he is, posing with my Silver Moon fingering weight.

And I finally took some pictures of my long-since-complete Central Park Hoodie.

I just bought the Maelstrom pattern from Twist Collective. I will knit some socks!


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