Thursday, January 22, 2009

This feels so good!!

What? you may ask. Are you talking about the inauguration? Well, that felt really good, but I wrote about it in my seldom-updated LiveJournal.

No, I'm talking about something amazing that happened today and yesterday. First, I found this. It's a call for yarn donations to a group called Girls, Inc. so that girls ages 5-18 can learn to knit. Now, I don't have a lot of money right now, but I do have a lot of yarn in my stash that I never ever want to use. I feel weird about giving stuff away that I wouldn't want to get myself, even as a gift, so I shot an email to the person organizing this whole thing and asked if it would be ok. Of course, this is all stuff that I bought when I was young and naive and hadn't been seduced by the siren song of alpaca and merino. So it makes total sense that young and naive new knitters who also haven't been seduced by natural fibers would love this stuff. The organizer lady thought so too, and with that, I gathered all the yarn I didn't want any more to be sent away forever!

Just because it makes me so happy to do so, let's make a list.

This is no fewer than 17 balls of Lion Suede, 12 balls in blue, 3 balls in purple, and 2 balls in teal. I bought the purple and teal because I thought the colors were great (still do, actually) and then I bought the 12 balls of blue for an ill-conceived blanket. Many bits of the blanket also got made, and I wasn't able to frog them all before mailing them off. I'll let them do what they like with that.

1 ball of Plymouth Socotta, less than a skein of navy Caron Perfect Match, less than a skein of white Lion Pound of Love, less than a skein of Wolle Rödel sock yarn, less than a skein of bright red Plymouth Encore.

Nearly 4 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, two in mauve, one in indigo (although some of it is in the form of a mitten, and less than one in blue-green. 1 ball of Lion Bouclé in colors that remind me of Superman, although I think the colorway was called something like "Jellybean". Less than a ball of pink and white cotton (I think). A skein of some variety of Lion Brand chenille in black with little neon-colored bits. A ball of Lion Incredible in autumn colors. A ball of Lion Chenille Sensations in black.

2 balls of Plymouth Bella Colour. Less than two balls of Reynolds Saucy Sport in a yellow-green, with which I made Emerson's awesome knitted tie. Less than three balls of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, with which I made my first pair of socks. 3/4 of a ball of Berocco Comfort Sock in black, and 1/4 of a ball in white. A ball of Lion Microspun in turquoise. A ball of Lion Magic Stripes sock yarn in blue, red, white, and brown.

10 lbs of yarn, and it's all gone!! I am so thrilled!

Just for posterity, I also took pictures of that mitten, which was my first mitten. I hope the girls rip it apart and make something nice out of it.

And yeah... I was using a pattern that involved seaming, and I didn't know how to seam.


All this has made me reminisce about my knitting past up until now. Maybe I'll post about it...


Anonymous stephanos_ said...

woah. I got yarn from Girls Inc. in high school to learn how to crochet. o.o


12:50 PM  

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