Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 begins, continued

So in my last post, I totally forgot to mention the other 2009 KAL I've aligned myself with! The girls over at the Limenviolet Ravelry group are doing a sock marathon. Basically, you count up all the sock yarn in your stash and make a resolution regarding how much sock yarn stash you want to have by the end of 2009. This was great for me because it coincided with finishing Snowflake's first pair of socks, which he loves. I am in a different state from most of my stash right now, but I decided to have the same amount of sock yarn stash at the end of 2009 as I had at the beginning of 2009 (in a week or so, I can figure out how much that is.) I also want to knit lots of socks for Snowflake.

By the way, Snowflake noticed that on socks, the toe is symmetrical, while on feet, the toe area is not symmetrical. He wanted to know whether you could make a sock that conformed to the shape of the toe more. I told him that you could, but you would end up having left and right socks that are different. He seems willing to deal with having left and right socks, but I'm not sure it would be worth the trouble. It may be something to try this year. Has anybody else done this?

So far, 2009 seems like one big finishfest. I'm going to be indisposed at MIT's Mystery Hunt this weekend, so I'm getting a head start on Finish or Frog It Friday.

When we left Anisa, she had just finished a couple of WIPs she had going. She had one more thing she needed to do: a Sheldon. Faithful readers will remember that this Sheldon was destined for a guy who happened upon a previous Sheldon that Anisa had made, and had developed a fondness for it.

The new Sheldon is done!

He's on Snowflake's shoulder in this next picture.

As you can see, Snowflake has developed a fondness for him.

...Which leads us to a pattern I have observed. After this, Snowflake wanted one. Fortunately, I got twice as much yarn as I needed for the first one, so I was able to make a second! Sadly, though, my camera ran out of batteries, so I have no more pictures for you.

Snowflake's turtle buddy is also finished. Yay! For the record, you can make two Sheldons out of two balls of Valley Yarns Valley Superwash in the MC, and one ball in the CC. That is, if you're as tight a knitter as I am (few are,) and you use size 3 and 4 needles. I actually never measured, but my gauge was probably smaller than the pattern said. Snowflake has spent the last couple days hiding the turtles around the house so that I will find them staring at me when I least suspect it.

Last night, I also finished up two Yellow Harvest mittens from the Fall 2008 Vogue Knitting in the absolutely lovely Mirasol Qina in a lovely periwinkle. I love them. Not enough to be happy to be going back to a cold place tomorrow, but almost.

I also finished the first Jabberwocky sock. 50% there!

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Yogini Bolero and thinking really hard about the skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in In Vino Veritas that I have burning a hole in my stash.


Blogger Mira said...

Wow. That's a lot of finishing! Good for you!

6:39 PM  
Anonymous tina said...

omg. tom is going to be so excited!
Sheldon works some strange hypnotic magic on the boys. :D

8:02 PM  

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