Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 knitting

I'm not sure what I feel like knitting. I think I'm antsy from being separated from my stash. So I thought I'd look back over 2008 and see how that went.

started and finished in 2008
Nat's Koolhaas hat out of Frog Tree Merino Melange
my Anemoi mitts
Sheldon for charity (NELCWIT)
silk lace jacket test knit for Kristin
Snowflake's second sweater
Alina's first peapod hat, which did not fit
bmp (space invaders socks!), commissioned
a pair of socks for my mom out of Austermann Step
two rainbow acrylic scarves for the gay Presbyterians
mom's vest, which she now wears all the time
Noah's hat... actually, this is not done. The knitting is done, but it needs lining.
Spring Forward socks for me out of Misti Alpaca
Baudelaire socks for me out of Huntington
Flaming Hot Faroese shawl test knit for Kristin
Tilli Tomas shirt test knit for Kristin
Rose's wristwarmers for Kyra
my Olympic Dollar and a Half Cardigan
Emerson's gansey
Bayerische socks out of Shibui
Alina's Peapod sweater and second Peapod hat, which did fit
Turn a Square for me
Central Park Hoodie for me
a cropped cardigan for me
Dad's Cobblestone
Mom's Oblique
Molly's Dashing
Kendrick's Dashing
Deuce's Miittens
Deuce's Baby Yours sweater
a first cat blanket for charity out of acrylic from Michael's

finished in 2008, started earlier
a sweater for me

started in 2008, not yet finished
Jabberwocky socks
Snowflake's first pair of socks
Snowflake's third sweater
Anemoi mittens commissioned by Misato
a second cat blanket for charity out of acrylic from Michael's
Yellow Harvest mittens out of Mirasol Qina
Mystery Stole 4
Henley Perfected
Clapotis (ugly colors, I don't know what to do)
a SURPRISE for Snowflake (was supposed to be for his birthday in May)
Mystery Shawl 6 (just needs to be blocked)
Cherie Amour (which needs sewing and blocking)

worked on in 2008
Dayflower Daydream shawl (I think)

SO of the things I finished in 2008, there were:

10 regular sweaters and 2 baby sweaters
5 pairs of socks
3 regular hats and 2 baby hats
3 pairs of wrist warmers
1 pair of adult mittens, 1 pair of baby mittens
1 toy
1 vest
1 cat blanket

9 things for me
16 things for friends and family
7 test knits, commissions, charity things, or other knitting for people I don't really know

So far in 2009, I have worked on Snowflake's socks and a bolero for myself. I also learned to do Tunisian crochet yesterday and worked on that today.

Hmm sleepy...


Anonymous Tina said...

you are a knitting beast!
it is slightly insane when you list it all out like that. i am super jealous of your knitting super powers.

5:28 PM  

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