Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new website at WEBS!!

The new WEBS website is up!!

I love this for several reasons. The biggest one is that the old website didn't work on Chrome, my browser of choice. I kept meaning to tell someone about it, but then I forgot, and then I heard on the podcast that they were overhauling the website, so I thought I'd just wait it out. And here it is! And it works beautifully on Chrome!

Another reason I love the new website: WISH LISTS!! Wish lists are my favorite thing ever. When I was younger, the only thing I ever wanted was books, but my friends and family could not buy books for me because I already had so many and they didn't want to buy duplicates. The answer was my wish list at amazon.com. For many years since, I have avoided spending lots and lots of money by putting things I want on my wish list rather than buying them. Then I would just hang out and wait for holidays. But the yarn continued to be a problem. This new website is my answer! Yay!

(I feel as if the previous paragraph made me sound very materialistic. I probably am that materialistic, but I don't usually make it so public.)

Other reasons I like the website: I like the generally more sleek and attractive appearance. I like how the pictures of the yarns are arranged on the yarn pages. I REALLY like how it remembers where I've been recently. I will like how I won't have to put in my information over and over.

I realize that there is a chance that I am the first non-WEBS affiliate to create an account and wish list on the new WEBSite. I also realize that my friends who work at WEBS might be able to actually find out whether this is the case. I ask you: if it is, please don't tell me about it. Just save it for the intervention.

Off to continue stalking Twist Collective and Knotions!


Blogger Kathy said...

Thanks Anisa! I am so happy you love the new site and its functionality.

Really appreciate you taking the time to blog about it.


Kathy/WEBS (who will never reveal if you were first or not)

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Abby said...

Oh, man, I'd forgotten that Twist Collective was updating soon... Like I need more distraction :P

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Mira said...

Yay for new websites! Also, did you know that you can add items from other websites to your amazon wishlist? They then make a link to the site the item is from, so you're still supporting that site, but it's possibly easier for people getting you things to just have to go to one wishlist.

8:46 AM  

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