Sunday, August 03, 2008

summer knitting again

So... I've sort of given up doing work this summer and am now spending all of my time knitting. What have I been knitting, you may ask.

Well, for one thing I finished those Baudelaire socks. I knit the second one with the instructions for the larger instep, decided I liked it better, ripped out the cuff of the first one, and reknitted it. I'm pleased with the results.

Then I started the Bayerische socks, which are basically totally nuts. They're out of a gorgeous shade of Shibui sock (much darker than pictured.) I love them to bits. I've finished one and most of the cuff of the second. I put them down for a bit because I think the tiny needles and twisted stitches were beginning to hurt my hands. Also because Snowflake gave me the new Civ game for the DS (!!!).

The scariest thing about the Bayerische sock was that I came really close to running out of yarn for the first sock. That is, I bought two hanks, and was really hoping that the first sock would take only one. I made it! This is what remained.

I've also been working on a couple of test knits for Kristin. A Faroese shawl, much closer to maroon in real life.

And a Tilli Tomas one-shoulder top, which will eventually have a sleeve.

I also dragged my friend Kyra to Woolcott on basically the flimsiest excuse ever. (She mentioned that she didn't have a measuring tape, we were in the area,...) So now I'm making her a pair of wristwarmers, the ones that Rose wears in that one episode of the new series. One is done, and it's in a lovely browny-purple shade of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. Also darker in real life. I think I should learn to take pictures.

In other news, I've signed up for the Ravelympics, Team Cellular Peptide Cake, Sweater Sprint event. I'm planning to make the Dollar and a Half cardigan by Veronik Avery in a gorgeous heathered browny-maroon colorway of Valley Yarns Northampton. It's all I can do but keep from casting on before the 8th. I even swatched.


Blogger abby said...

Re pics, the best thing I find is either to use no flash, or to make sure I'm far enough away when using it (like, greater than 4 feet). (This often means I need a minion for my photos... luckily, I'm married to a somewhat serious photography geek. Yay for complementary hobbies!)

9:50 PM  
Blogger Miss 376 said...

LOve the wrist warmers, my sort of colours

1:40 AM  

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