Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympics, etc.

I've been negligent on this blog. The entire Ravelympics happened and I didn't post once! Many apologies.

For those who don't know, the Knitting Olympics goes like this: you decide on a project ahead of time that would be a personal challenge for you. Then you do it within the time span of the Olympics.

I decided to do the Dollar and a Half Cardigan by VĂ©ronik Avery. I used a lovely colorway of Valley Yarns Northampton. And here it is!

And I only had this much yarn to spare!

Here's a picture of it on me. An unfortunate picture of me, but we do what we can.

I finished the cardigan in nine days, including blocking and drying. I feel like I should have challenged myself more. Then again, I really didn't do anything else during those nine days. I think the biggest thing I learned was how far I've come as a knitter. Two years ago, for the Knitting Olympics, I attempted to make socks, and I failed. This time I tried a bigger project and really breezed through. Wow. Maybe next time I'll make a blanket. Or maybe I'll get really into insane fair isle and do some really amazing Starmore pattern. Hehe, very ambitious.

Since I finished the cardigan, I finished some wristwarmers for my friend Kyra.

They're the Rose's wristwarmers pattern, inspired by a dramatic episode in the new Doctor Who series. They're made with Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. This yarn is amazing, soft, beautiful, and warm.

I've also been working a very little bit on Emerson's gansey and the Bayerische socks. In the meantime, I started the Pea Pod baby sweater (a Kate Gilbert pattern) for Alina, the daughter of some friends. I've got the body done and started one sleeve: one and a half sleeves to go, sewing up, then the collar. Next on the list is the Yarn Harlot's Baby Yours sweater for my next cousin-to-be.

Still, I feel like I'm in a bit of a knitting lull post-Olympics. I finished up a lot of stuff so I wouldn't have to do it during the Olympics, and now the stuff I have going has been in hibernation for awhile. Maybe I'll start the Christmas knitting. Two thirds of the year is already over!


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