Wednesday, July 09, 2008

off to frogland

My knitting has sort of reached a halt right now. I'm doing two test knits: one out of silk Tilli Tomas yarn, and one out of alpaca. I've been working on the alpaca one because I like working with alpaca way more than I like working with silk. However, there were some errors in the (as yet unpublished) pattern, and now I have to frog it back. This is a pattern that started with "CO 630 sts." Ah well, I guess this is the whole point of test knitting: to find the errors before the pattern gets put on the market. So I've been hesitant to do this frogging and instead been playing a lot of Planet Puzzle League for the DS.

But I think I have pictures for you guys!

Emerson's gansey sleeves are coming along. According to the pattern, they're long enough to start decreasing, but I'm worried that Emerson has extra-long arms. So they're sitting for the moment.

I also knitted a hat for my other roommate, Noah. This is out of Noro Kochoran and is the Veronik Avery pattern Short-Row Hat. I love this pattern and this is the third one I've made. I need to make a fleece lining though, because Noah is allergic to wool.

This is what the Tilli Tomas deal looks like.

Also, inspired by Zarzuela, I knit a couple of Spring Forward socks. Love these! This is out of Misti Alpaca Handpainted Sock yarn, which is the best thing ever, although not machine washable. So worth it.


Blogger Mira said...

You're testing patterns? That's so cool. How did you get into that?

4:22 PM  
Blogger KnittingLiberal said...

Hey Anisa,

We miss you!


4:22 PM  

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