Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Very Harlot Sunday

Whee! Today the Yarn Harlot came to WEBS. It was super fun. Here's how things went.

The WEBS event is, of course, huge. Stephanie was there from 11-1 signing books, then went to the Calvin for speeching at 2, then back to WEBS to sign. I'm sure she's still there now.

I showed up shortly after 11:30 and found WEBS an absolute zoo. Mobs of people at the cash registers. I found Tina and then got in line with Knitting Liberally. I acquired my Knitting Liberally t-shirt and made my way through the line. It was kind of fun to move slowly through WEBS as we went through the line. I usually move so quickly through there that I don't have time to peruse the yarn the way I did today. Anyway, there were so many people that we almost didn't make it to the signing table before 1. We gave Stephanie a Knitting Liberally mug, learned a little bit about the Canadian political system, and broke for lunch. Oo, and since there was such a mob at the cash register, we got to leave our signed books on hold so we can pay for them later this week. It pays to know someone on the inside.

We stopped for lunch at Luna before making our way to the Calvin. Poor Luna - they were totally unprepared for the fact that they were one of the most convenient eateries between WEBS and the Calvin. Mimmo's (the pizza place across the street from Luna) wasn't open when we went in to Luna, but they were opened by the time we got out. I think someone sent them a memo.

The Yarn Harlot's speech was hilarious and insightful. I'm so glad I went. It was very funny, and she also convinced me that as a knitter, I am in a healthier mental state, better at learning, happier, and less susceptible to mental trauma. Score!

In other news, I need to finish the surprise. I think it will involve un-knitting about 700 stitches and then re-knitting a large number of stitches. No worries, though. I've more or less finished the first bmp sock (the one with the little dudes) and I'm going to start the second (high score) sock soon. I'm also making some good progress on the Henley Perfected. Cherie Amour needs sewing up. And I should probably do some homework one of these days...

Oh, also, I just discovered that sometimes people post comments on the blog! I've changed the settings so now they'll be emailed to me. Thanks for the comments, guys!


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