Saturday, February 23, 2008


Tina and I have decided to have a mini-KAL in which we learn colorwork while knitting the Anemoi mitts in the month of February. We see each other at Knitting Liberally on Tuesdays, so that's been pretty much when we check in with each other and whatnot.

First Tuesday of February: Tina is not at Knitting Liberally. KAL is postponed.
Second Tuesday of February: Tina and Anisa swatch during Knitting Liberally. All goes well.
Third Tuesday of February: Anisa has not cast on because she does not have size 0 needles. Tina has cast on on size 0 needles and found that the cuff is too small.

That Wednesday: Anisa casts on on size 1s.
That Thursday: Anisa decides the cuff is too small and does a different cast on on size 1s. Anisa becomes obsessed with the mittens.
That Friday: Totally obsessed.
That Saturday and a couple languishing homework assignments and ignored knitting obligations later: Anisa is done with mitten 1 except for the thumb.

I ran into Tina at WEBS and brazenly showed off mitten 1. Tina is paying attention to her more pressing knitting obligations and is sad about the mittens. I do feel bad about that.

Totally obsessed though.


Blogger spoons said...

I am both sad and jealous. :( Hopefully this week will end with Anemoi Mitten obsession.
Yours are so great though!!! Congrats.

9:09 AM  
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