Tuesday, December 11, 2007

some pictures

I think it's about time I posted some pictures.

These are the sock wars socks, II. I did not finish making these, but rather mailed them off shortly afterward.

This is the shawl in a state of frogging after I made a critical error. This shawl is now done, blocked, and mailed off. More pictures to come.

This is Snowflake wearing his Saranac. It turned out beautifully! I completely forgot to do the row of single crochet around the neck, but I was so excited by my success in sewing in the zipper that I just didn't care. We'll see if I go back and fix it.

This is some lovely yarn that I bought from Yarn Chef, an Etsy store. It is even more gorgeous than this in real life. The lighter one has almost become a pair of Wine and Roses Mitts.

These are the thoughtful add-ons that came with my Etsy order. They made me feel so special. The yarn also came with color-coordinated stitch markers! These are the first legitimate stitch markers I have ever owned. They were featured in the previous picture. I used them for the Wine and Roses Mitts as well.

This is some alpaca that my parents bought me from some random Kentucky vendor they found. It's lovely.

More of the same.

I don't think I posted about this before, so I'll post about it now. I made a Veronik Avery Short-Row Hat for my friend Kyra:

I absolutely loved this project, by the way. She loved it too. After a couple of days, the hat was STOLEN off a pile of coats. She was really upset. So I promised to make her another one just like it. Luckily, WEBS still had some of the same dye lot left and so I could use the same yarn (the first hat took just over one ball, so I had a lot of that left) although it really wouldn't have mattered if the dye lots were different. Anyway, I made that and Kyra loved it. Pictures of that to come as well.