Saturday, June 09, 2007

quick update

It's been a busy week and not much time for knitting! Still. I finished the Wheat Ear Cable Sweater sometime near the beginning of the week. Sunday, maybe? Well, finished except for some steaming, which isn't likely to happen soon, as I have packed the sweater away.

Ah, right, I should explain what has made this week busy. I graduated, I got engaged, I've been moving out of my dorm room and saying goodbye to all of my friends, my parents, brother, and boyfriend (oops, fiance!) have been visiting, and all that.

So the sweater is packed because it's wool and thus it would be unlikely for me to need it over the summer. Since then I've still been working on Convertible from Knitty and I've also started I Do from Knitty with a beautiful skein of malabrigo Lace I recently bought. (Color: blue surf.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on your graduation and engagement! I have my yarn to make the wheat ear cable sweater. Did you find any mistakes with the pattern? Was it fairly simple?


9:13 AM  

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