Thursday, January 26, 2006

rings and things

Ugh, I'm sick. Well, sick or something. I can't figure out what sort of illness I might actually have, and I've pretty much settled on the idea that it's probably allergies, but why would I have allergies in January? I looked at some website or other's pollen thingie and it did say that it's "4.3" around here, which is on the lower border of "Medium". As opposed to Boston, where it's "0.1", on the lower border of "Low". I don't really know what any of these things mean, but I feel miserable and just want to sleep and not do anything. Including knitting. I know, it's very sad.

But meanwhile, I have been looking at blogrings and things! I have joined New England Knits (see button on my sidebar, whee!) I wanted to join Knitting Blogs, but I read their rules very carefully: Must have a knitting blog (check), said blog must have existed for at least a month (check, I'm at a month and a day), said blog must have a post once a week for the past month (oo...) It seems that I didn't post for a good two weeks there. So I'll keep blogging and try it again in a couple of weeks.

This whole business is entirely too much fun.


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