Monday, February 14, 2011

who wants a sweater? (#2)

So! I am churning out sweaters at an alarming rate and my apartment is now full of sweaters. I would like to offer to make you a sweater, dear blog reader! I have many sweaters that I would like to make but do not need to own. Here are some sweaters in my queue that have no recipient in mind:

Azami, a hoodie pullover with some lace
Goose Rocks, a hoodie cardigan with cables
Mary Jane, a tee with some texture
Orange Pop, a pullover with some interesting colorwork
Jamesey, a casual guernsey-style mens pullover
Castlegar, a fine-gauge cardigan
Hay Cardigan, a simple cardigan
Freija, a dramatic cabled cardigan with a high neck
Plum Frost Cardigan or Pullover, a sweater with a fair isle yoke

Here are the ground rules:
1. If you are allergic to dogs, don't let me knit a sweater for you. You might die.
2. You pay for the materials, including pattern, yarn, buttons, whatever. I will handle the knitting.
3. I only like to knit from yarn made out of the fur/hair of a mammal. If you want me to knit a cotton sweater for you, I probably won't do it.
4. Hand knitted sweaters are not cheap. Do not expect them to be cheap. Beautiful hand-dyed yarn like the yarn you see in the Hay Cardigan is especially not cheap.
5. This will be for you, so we can modify it to be perfect for you! We can change the colors, sizes, lengths of things, pretty much whatever you can think of. We can use different yarn from what is shown in the picture, too.

And! To show you what I can do, this is what I've been up to in 2011 so far: (Sorry for the bad pictures, at some point I will figure out how to take a decent picture, and then I will teach Snowflake to do it.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very tempting! I'm a BIG girl so I've put off making sweaters for myself for a long time. Hmmmm... my 12 year old daughter is also in line for a sweater and has been waiting a LOOOOONg time. I t would be fun to surprise her. She's big for 12 , but not fat like her mum. I'll have a look at the various patterns and see what she might like.

12:24 AM  

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