Saturday, January 01, 2011

knitting in 2010

So, apparently I only blog from January through August. I guess that means I'm right on time!

What did I knit this year? Hmm...

started and finished in 2010
Misato's hat with a crocheted flower on it
Enchanted Wood shawl
Ting Ting's Apres Surf
Lisa's Lorelei
Kihnu mitts
Henley Perfected (I started this earlier, but totally ripped it out and started over.)
morfo's Luminen knockoff
Ampersands! hat
Gee's Bend
Kristi socks
Snowflake's orange slippers
Brown Cauchy
PBP Knit-a-thon square
Li-Mei's Waist Cincher
Evenstar shawl
Chelsea skirt
Alya's Arwen
Poplar + Elm
Sleepy Monkey
Piper hat
Green and Simple
Miralda's shawl
Preemie hats, 1-3
Skew socks
Manly, Yes socks
Deuce's Salute
Snowflake's Par 5 socks
Dat's M'gonigle
22 leaves shawl
Fabulous Mitts
Brian's Boneyard
Aynat's Farinelli
Emily's Classic Canadian sweater
Audrey in Unst
Nai Nai's mitts
Ben's Guernsey Wrap
Two Hats
Autumnal Hat
Gizmo warmer
Paw Cozy & matching mitten

started in 2010, not yet finished
EZ's 100th pi shawl
Wild Apple
Hallett's Ledge
a stealth hat

finished in 2010, started earlier
Snowflake's Feldspar
Ben's Urban Aran (zipper insertion, no knitting in 2010)
Snowflake's Gentleman socks
Koigu scarf
Mystery Stole 4
Snowflake's Woodside
Cherie Amour (seaming and blocking, no knitting in 2010)
Malabrigo Houdini socks
Wisp (blocking and buttons, no knitting in 2010)

Also, I crocheted two brain slugs for Snowflake's and my Hallowe'en costume, and wove a scarfy thing.

So, of the things I finished in 2010, there were:
17 sweaters
9 shawls/scarves (10 if you count Wisp, 11 if you count the woven scarf thing)
12 hats (including 3 baby hats)
8 pairs of socks
1 blanket
1 baby blanket
6 pairs of mitten-type things
1 skirt
1 square for a charity blanket
2 brain slugs

It comes out to 34252 yards, which is 19.5 miles.

This year, I participated in IntSweMoDo, a challenge to knit 12 sweaters in a year, and I finished! I acutally knit 15 (I didn't count sweaters for which I didn't actually do any knitting in 2010.) I also did Single Skein September, an attempt to knit some single skein projects, and I won the prize! Yay! I also won a prize in the WEBS 200th podcast giveaway, which was awesome! I tried to participate in Socktober, but all the socks I knit in September had worn me down, and I ended up pretty much just knitting the Yggdrasil blanket instead. I took my very first knitting class: an Estonian mittens class with Nancy Bush, which was super awesome! I also "taught" one friend to crochet and urged another friend to pick up dyeing. Hurray!

Next year, I plan to participate in IntSweMoDo2011, and to knit down some of my stash. In particular, I have 10 sweaters of yarn in my stash, and I want those to be 10 of my sweaters in 2011. I also have a couple of stealth projects in the works, one of which will be big. Plus, I really need to focus more on my schoolwork, and I've made a resolution to read 6 books in 2011. Wish me luck!


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