Friday, May 21, 2010

who wants a sweater?

Ok. So I've been knitting a lot of sweaters. I blame the IntSweMoDo, as well as myself. I have a tendency to get sort of competitive about these things. Problem: I now have way, way too many sweaters.

One of the sweaters I plan to make this summer is A Cardigan for Arwen. It's a lovely cardigan hoodie with reversible cables. I've been planning to make it for a long time, and I've been planning to do a KAL with my friend Li-Mei, which we are planning to do this summer. Here's the problem: a cabled hoodie cardigan is not something I need. I have lots of them.

So: do you want this sweater? I will knit you this sweater if you buy the yarn. I can make it fit you. It would be very affordable and lovely out of Valley Yarns Amherst or maybe a discontinued color of Peruvia. I was thinking of modifying the sleeves to be seamless set-in sleeves rather than drop shoulders, but I can do the drop shoulders if you want. I think the sweater will be ready by this fall.

Do you want this sweater? Tell me!