Monday, March 31, 2008

it doesn't count as startitis if you're finishing things

Recently, I finished a really big project: Snowflake's second sweater. It's Anniversary from Knitty, in Knit Picks Andean Silk, Cranberry colorway with Slate stripe. Snowflake hasn't tried it on and I'm not sure about the sleeve length and bagginess. I might hem the sleeves. I LOVE this yarn. The sweater is so soft and nice. It does shed a bit, but it's so lovely it doesn't matter.

Right after, I started a baby hat for Alina, a new baby out here. It's the hat from the Pea Pod baby set. I had all sorts of problems with it because I'm too dumb to read the pattern, and so I reknitted it about four times, but I still got it done the same day I started. Yay baby hats.

After that, I cast on for Snowflake's next sweater, Woodside. It's a lovely pattern and I'm really enjoying it. I also cast on Cherie Amour for myself. I'm up to the ribbing around the waist and I love how it's looking.

I will take some pictures eventually, I promise.