Thursday, January 10, 2008

vacation knits

A LOT of knitting has happened on break. More knitting than anything else, really. Well, maybe more tv watching than knitting. Sadly, I think I left my camera cord in MA, so no pictures for right now. I'm including lots of links to make up for it.

I did a pair of Wine and Roses Mitts from a favorite Interweave Knits magazine, out of the lovely light purple fingering weight from yarnchef.

I did three hats for my aunt, uncle, and cousin. My aunt got Le Slouch (link is to a pdf) out of SWTC Karaoke in Mermaid Mix, which she loved. My uncle got a plain stockinette-stitch hat with rolled brim and raglan-style decreases, out of Araucania Nature Wool in a light blue. My cousin got a version of Blue Hills in an incredibly soft bright orange Elisabeth Lavold Chunky AL.

I also finally finished these gloves for my brother. They are Cigar, except with full fingers. They are in Louet Gems, bluebird colorway. I absolutely love that yarn and I need something to make with the rest. :)

Since break started, I have almost finished Roam. It's a sweater I started in October, but by December I had really only made about an inch of the back. I've done a ton of knitting on it. It's almost entirely plain seed stitch... back, two front sides, two sleeves, and a hood. By the way, hoods are ginormous. It was all out of my first cone yarn, a sport-weight tweedy purple that I got from Rhinebeck. The seaming was the worst part, because although the yarn was well-behaved during knitting, it broke repeatedly during seaming. Very annoying! Then came an applied i-cord on the zipper sides, which was surprisingly not that annoying, and blocking. Ready for the zipper!

Sadly, there are no stores in the area (Kingsland, GA) that sell zippers. We found a sewing store, but apparently it was the sort of place you take things to get them hemmed. They said that the only place to get zippers was Wal-Mart, but they didn't have any separating ones. So no go there. I went online and found pretty much the perfect zipper: 22", plastic, fuchsia, separating, but they don't really let you buy $2.30 worth of stuff online. So I bought about $10 worth of thread along with it and paid like $6 in shipping... yeah, but eventually I'll have my zipper.

Since then I've been working on Mystery Shawl 6 out of some laceweight off-white alpaca that I got at Magpie in Lexington. J. Knits Lace-a-Licious in colorway Eureka. Ooh, I just noticed that their Kentucky colorway is a gorgeous blue! Anyway, the Mystery Shawl is not that mysterious, since I didn't start it until all the clues were out. It is really pretty though. I'm just a few rows into Clue 3 right now.

In other news, Snowflake loves his sweater even more than I was aware of. He wears it all the time, he gets upset if he accidentally gets it dirty, etc. He is now way more interested in my knitting and really wants more sweaters! It's really exciting! I made the mistake of showing him some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in the yarn store in Wilmington, and now he really wants a sweater out of it, even though it would be like $200. I briefly forgot how much he likes silk when I let him see that. As a compromise, we ordered some Knit Picks Andean Silk for another sweater. Can't wait until that comes in!

Back to knitting!